Monday, May 2, 2011

The Most Wanted Man Died?

Rest In Peace
Innalillahi wa innaIllaihi Raji'un, (We belong to Allah and to Him we return), al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden was died, killed by the US forces, it's a real hot news, wasn't it, even I am not certain if this news is not a fake? Everyone talked about it, massive updates in facebook, twitter and all newspapers. We know that, numerous people was died along the mouse-and-cat game, future of so many people were ruined for one man and they make it like, Osama was represented the whole Muslim, as if he did violent, other Muslims are surely did the same. Yes, it's a combo set, blind prejudice, crazy hatred gazing head-to-toe and unfair judgement towards Muslims and Obama called it as a justice, they said it was a great victory and they decided to burry his body at the sea, was Osama really died or was he really existed! Some even said, Osama's photo was unprofessionally photoshopped to make he look death.

But something just crossed in my mind. So, what's next after the death of Obama Osama? It's a good news if Osama Obama pull out his army of the Afghanistan and Iraq, stop the force and leave Islamic countries alone, as there is no reason to stay because the mouse was died, but will he? And if there is a bomb suicidal case happens anywhere or if any building crash by the  Jet with no pilot inside,  will they pointed it out to al-Qaeda or Muslims? Oh wait! Or maybe a new black-sheep terrorist will arise and US can use him to proceed their agenda on Muslim countries? Who know what will happen next? Allahuala'lam, only Allah knows. Well, wait and see.

RIP Obama Osama bin Laden. Look, Osama,Obama,Osama,Obama,Osama,Obama! OMG quite a confusing name though, even the news reporter mistakenly mentioned that Obama is dead! 

Well, Only Allah knows the truth and only Him will gives the justice to all. We are all gonna meet in hereafter, and there the truth will be revealed and no bodies can escape not even the most wealthy or the most powerful person on earth.


  1. Dirty politics make the world not a safe place to live in.

  2. Shall we arrange a massive movement to Mars, then? lol joke sissy! Thanks for dropping by :)

  3. our 'beloved' Prime Minister said that,Osama Laden's death will bring peace to the world!! so funny, since when Osama being a terrosist? USA is the real terrosit 4EVER!

  4. woohoo... nowadays its hard to justify which one is the truth.. yeah, i dont think killing someone will make our world safer, hm....

  5. Oh he's so naive to think so..Osama is only ONE man, they can create so many 'terrorist' as hey like..Even palestinian kids that holding a small stone in his hand might be called as a terrorist! what a world!


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